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BOOK 1 of the LIMBUS trilogy, out now!

Book 1: GOOD MORNING OWEN HUNTER is out now on the Kindle store!

The eBook is £3.99 or free to read with Kindle unlimited.

(If you are from outside the UK, just change the bit after amazon in the above link. For example, if you are from the US, just change to .com)

If you haven’t yet, now is the perfect time to start the LIMBUS series, as this is the first book in the series, compiling every episode released up until now (episodes 1-5).

Here is the cover:

Blurb: Detective hacker Owen Hunter watches over the futuristic metropolis of City C, built on walls to escape its own pollution. When he discovers another civilisation within the toxic fog, he is forced on the run and must unravel a vast conspiracy involving assassins, politicians, convicts, terrorists and supermodels… if he wants to survive.

Of course, if you have read a few LIMBUS episodes you can always still download it to have the full thing in your library. Just use the 'Table of Contents' page to skip to the chapter you reached!

(This version gives me 70% royalties rather than the 30% from the episodes, so this is the best way to support me!)

The book also includes a map, hand-drawn by Roach, of: the territories of the Gutters, City C and the accommodation blocks...

Book 2 should arrive before the end of the year, I'm hard at work completing a final draft of each chapter now.

I hope you enjoy, and see you again in City C soon!

Craig Arthur


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