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Updated: May 12, 2021

Episode 2 of the LIMBUS series is out now! Grab the ebook here (free for Kindle Unlimited users):

If you are from another location, just change the bit after amazon (For example Italy is .it).

Here is the cover, see if you can work out who it is:

Emerald walks the catwalk at the Silver Crown, Limbus series episode 2

Episode description:

Paths converge. Owen and Wolf attempt escape. Shiva steals a jewel.

This episode features more of Emerald, Owen, Shiva and Wolf, as well as 2 extra PoV’s, one a familiar character, the other entirely new! There are also new recurring characters and more of the Resistance, the Gutters and City C.

Thank you to everyone who bought or read the first episode, it means a lot!

To catch-up from the beginning or find future episodes check out the Limbus Series tab on my website:

And we are only getting started!

I'll see you all at the show...


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