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Episode 3: Sending a Message, is available now!

eBook is £0.99 (or equivalent) on Amazon, or free to read with Kindle unlimited:

If you are from outside the UK, just change the bit after amazon in the link (For example US is .com and Australia is .au).

This is the longest episode of the series thus far, and also marks the halfway point of the first book!

Here is the very ominous-looking cover:

LIMBUS episode 3: sending a message cover. Shiva holds a kidnapped Emerald at gunpoint.

Episode description:

The Resistance send City C a message. A new threat emerges. The hunters become the hunted.

A storm is brewing within the fog, and with Shiva in charge for the first time, the Resistance movement finds itself at a critical juncture. But with wildcards such as Owen, Wolf and Emerald now involved, things may not go to plan…

As always, links to all released episodes can be found here:

If you are enjoying the series, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. It helps me out a great deal by encouraging others to check LIMBUS out!


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