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Limbus Episode 4 is out now!

Episode 4: Chasing Shadows, is out now!

eBook for 99p (or currency equivalent) on Amazon/ read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

If you are from outside the UK, just change the bit after amazon in the above link (For example US is .com)

Here is the recently updated cover:

Cover art shows the four main POV characters on the run, and they will need to do a lot of looking over their shoulder if they wish to remain hidden.

Episode description: Tensions rise on the journey to find City D and Jacob

This group was birthed by fire, and the episode explores the increasing tension brewing between them. While ostensibly working together to find solace in City D, their motivations for doing so couldn't be more different and exposed by the open streets of City C they can no longer hide from the shadows of their past, or from those that currently pursue them...

This episode is the slightest bit shorter than the others, but is very much essential to the overall plot, being the penultimate episode of book 1. Before edits Episode 4 was the usual 22,000 words, but I think it's more important to tell the most efficient and exciting story possible than to leave in filler for the sake of keeping a consistent length. If you are concerned this will set a precedent, let me reassure you: I have yet to write a shorter episode and I'm currently working on the third book. In fact, many future episodes are significantly longer than those in book 1 (one in particular is almost double the length) so you will definitely get your money's worth if you have enjoyed the series so far.

If you would prefer to read the story in larger chunks, book 1 (which compiles episodes 1 to 5) is on the horizon, and the page will be updated when it releases:

Thanks to everybody who has read this far. If you want to show your support, leave a review of the LIMBUS series on Amazon, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Craig Arthur


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