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Limbus Episode 5 is out now!

Episode 5: Takedown Notice, is out now!

eBook for 99p (or currency equivalent) on Amazon/ read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

If you are from outside the UK, just change the bit after amazon in the above link (For example US is .com)

Here is the cover:

Cover art shows a character who you should recognise from the end of episode 4!

Episode description: The truth is revealed. The group face the government head on.

This is the last episode of the first book, and as such many plot threads introduced in the first four episodes will be resolved, with some big reveals and an action packed climax!

Next fortnight Book 1 will be released, compiling episodes 1-5.

Episode 6 releasing sometime in July. I will keep this blog up to date with all things LIMBUS

Alternatively you can follow my facebook page for updates: @CraigArthurbooks

Thanks for reading the first book, and I hope you enjoy the ending!


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